About Us

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Meet Brown Girls Hair: Your One-Stop Shop for Healthy Hair!
We're Brown Girls Hair (BGH), a family-run brand passionate about helping you and your daughters achieve healthy, beautiful hair no matter how you choose to wear it.
Our Story:
It all started over 10 years ago when I, Shaunic (aka Brown Girls Hair's Mom!), struggled to find information on caring for my daughter Anaya's thick, coarse hair. Back then, the natural hair community was just budding, and resources for kids' hair were scarce.
That's why I launched a blog and YouTube channel in 2009 called Brown Girls Hair. Through trial and error, I shared my experiences while teaching other moms how to care for their daughters' natural hair. And so, Brown Girls Hair was born!
Growing with You:
In November 2020, we fulfilled a long-time request from our amazing supporters and launched our own line of hair products perfect for moms and daughters to share! We also offer unique hair accessories to elevate your hairstyles.
Exciting News!
As Anaya approaches her sophomore year in college, BGH is growing with her! On June 19th, we'll be launching a line of hair extensions designed for young ladies and moms alike.
No matter how you choose to wear your hair, BGH is your one-stop shop for all your hair care needs.
We're thrilled to be on this journey with you!