About Us

brown girls hair

Brown Girls Hair started in 2010 on YouTube. Shaunic, the Mommy of Brown Girls Hair, started making video's because she had no idea what to do with her daughter's (Anaya also known as A Che') thick natural hair. After having 3 boys prior to her daughter, she struggled to even comb her tinder headed daughter's hair. She googled and searched to find nothing to help with what she needed to do.

She decided to provide help by starting a blog and YouTube channel to share her trials and errors with the hope that she would help other Mom's learn how to style and take care of their daughter's natural hair and not have to struggle like she did. 

As a result, Brown Girls Hair was born!! Since it's start, Brown Girls Hair has taught hundreds of thousands of Mom's with over 5 Million views and has been featured on many major blogs, in Ebony Magazine, and has had numerous sponsorships over the years.

Due to the high demand for hair products from our followers, we decided to create hair care products and accessories that we craft in house.

Welcome to Brown Girls Hair: The brand that Moms & Daughters Share!

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